In the event of inclement weather, Cub Care will operate in the following manner: 
    • The Cub Care program will not operate if school is canceled due to emergency weather situations, or mechanical failure. Cub Care is offered during school delays. Listen to your television and radio news for information on school closings/delays.

      • Two Hour Delays - We will make every effort to be at the school at the scheduled time and provide care until the school day begins. (There are increased AM fees for delay days)

      • Two Hour Delays turned into Cancellation - If a two-hour delay turns into a school cancellation, after the before program has begun but before the school day has officially begun, you will be required to pick up your child immediately.

      • Emergency Early Dismissal after the School Day has begun - If school is canceled after the school day has begun, Cub Care will not be provided that day.

      • Cancellation Days - Cub Care will not be provided.