• The Custer Baker Intermediate School Instructional Media Center (IMC) is a great place to be:

    Students can share their book reviews via the You Read, You Lead book review board.

    A variety of Young Hoosier books are available for our students’ reading pleasure, as well as, magazines, graphic novels, picture books, plus thousands of fiction and non-fiction books.

    Our trivia questions, contests, and projects are a fun and vital part of getting student students involved in reading and finding the pleasures to be had in our books.

    Live announcements take place every morning in the Daily Grizz studio located in the IMC at 8:00 a.m. Stop in sometime and watch us live!

    Grizz Kidz: Students are selected weekly by teachers to be featured in our main hallway for going above and beyond what it expected.

    A bookmark contest is held two times a year. Five winners are selected and their bookmarks are provided to the student body.

    There are two afterschool book clubs a year and the Chewy Chapter Café occurs periodically during lunch time.

    Movers and Shakers:  When one of our students appears in the paper, they are featured on our Movers and Shakers board. Please contact the IMC if you are aware of any member of CBIS who have had their “five minutes of fame.”

    The teacher resource library features teacher class sets, staff personal reading section, copier, and other helpful resources.


    The CBIS IMC holds two Scholastic book fairs a year.


    Students are highlighted in a display titled BOOKS IN ACTION where the book they checked out prompted them to take action.