• Franklin Community Schools is proud to be a Professional Learning Community, constantly seeking to grow through collaboration and focus on student learning.  Our PLC's work together to answer the following four questions through the use of data and student-centered discussion: 
    1)  What do we want all students to learn? 
    2)  How will we know when each student has learned it?
    3)  How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?
    4)  How will we respond when students have already learned it?  
    "A team can make better decisions, solve more complex problems, and do more to enhance creativity and build skills than individuals working alone...They have become the vehicle for moving organizations into the future...Teams are not just nice to have.  They are hard-core units of the production." --Ken Blanchard
  • Professional Learning Communities

    DuFour PLC Article  - Overview of Professional Learning Communities 
    The 3 Big Ideas of a Professional Learning Community are (Dufour): 
    1. You believe the fundamental purpose of our school or district is to ensure all students learn at high levels and you are committed to become a lifelong learner to make this a reality.
    2. You think collaborative teamwork and interdependence among teachers and administrators is a great way to continuously improve our school or district. 
    3. You are hungry for evidence that students are learning and are ready to respond immediately when timely feedback tells you otherwise. 

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