• Franklin Community Schools uses a multifaceted identification process to identify students who match the definition of a high ability student in grades K-12 in the Franklin Community Schools. Each spring students in 2nd, 4th, and 6th grades are included in the identification process that begins by using achievement data from NWEA MAP reading and math testing. Students are placed into an identification pool by classroom teachers using this achievement data, and parents also have the ability to include their students into the identification pool as well. Once the identification pool is determined, the students are administered the Cognitive Abilities Test and classroom teachers complete the Scales to Identify Gifted Students. In Kindergarten all students take the Cognitive Abilities Test and the NWEA MAP testing and therefore all students are considered for high ability through our process. All of the achievement data, cognitive (ability/intelligence) data, and qualitative data is gathered and a committee consisting of teachers from across the district and chaired by the High Ability Coordinator meet to make the high ability placement decisions. 
    Should a family disagree with the decision made by the committee, there is an appeal process.