• Beliefs

    In a safe and nurturing environment, students:

    * Learn at different rates and in different ways
    * Learn more effectively while actively engaged
    * Develop positive relationships with adults and peers

    Because this is the belief of Franklin Community Schools, FCS has implemented a school safety planning team compiled of certified school safety specialists and School Resource Officers (SRO), whose responsibilities include the following -
    • Develop and coordinate safety plans for each school.
    • Act as a resource and trainer for other staff members.
    • Facilitate and participate in school safety training.
    • Serve on the county school safety commission.
    • Provide materials and professional development on bullying prevention to the safe school committee, faculty and staff.

    School safety specialists make up the FCS district planning team, which includes our partnerships with local law enforcement, local fire departments, and Johnson County Emergency Management. 

    Below is a list of the current safety measures that is consistent throughout each of the school buildings.  These proactive measures ensure a safe learning environment for FCS students.  This list is followed by both immediate and long-term action items. 
    Current Best Practices-
    • Conduct tactical site surveys to assess safety and security risks.
    • Develop relationships with first responders (police, fire, and EMS) and conduct drills or exercises so campus staff can practice emergency preparedness skills. First responders should also have easy and immediate access to building plans and layouts so they can quickly shut off power, HVAC, etc., during an incident.
    • Train teachers, staff, custodians, and administrators on the importance of access control and how to monitor access points. Also, train them on emergency preparedness and conduct drills with students.
    •  At the beginning of the school day when several doors are open so that students can get to class on time, all of the entrances should be monitored by teachers, security staff or administrators.
    • When classes begin, the front office should be the only point of entry or exit from the campus. All of the other doors should be closed and locked.
    • Provide office staff with some form of emergency notification technology so they can let others on campus know when there is a threat.
    • Create a culture of information sharing by developing a mechanism for parents to inform school officials about individuals who might pose a threat (involving custody disputes, domestic violence, etc.).
    A special thank you to the Franklin Police Department and the Johnson County Sheriff's Department for increasing their presence in and around our schools.