• In an effort to be proactive for our students, parents, and employees; FCS is providing information regarding the management of Bed Bugs. While this is not a school issue, it is possible that we will be engaged in the mitigation process.  “Bed bugs have become a remerging problem in the United States due to increased international travel and resistance to commonly used pesticides. They do not transmit disease, but individuals who live in infested homes suffer from lack of sleep, anxiety and secondary skin infections resulting from the itching bites” (ISDH,2012).

    The State Department of Health has issued documents to help educate our community and to assist schools in creating management procedures when bed bugs are found on a student or their belongings. It is important to note that no student will be excluded from school for an infestation in the home.

    ISDH, Indiana State Department of Health (2012). School guidance for management of bed bugs. Retrieved from: http://www.in.gov/isdh/24955.htm